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Our mission is to generate new leads for your business by optimizing,

video campaigns that work with your social media and website.

If you want to get the word out about your website/company in a practicable and informative way, then why not zero in on video marketing online? Marketing by video is effective because it acts as a brilliant communications medium. Smartify Soft Sol can get you started in harnessing the power of viable video marketing.


When customers see websites that have motion videos or video clips in them they get confident. So trust is the intrinsic factor here. Therefore, if you want to enrich your website and business, Video Marketing happens to be a great way to do that. Smartify Soft Sol video marketing online services can get you started easily in creating effective online videos.

    • build-trust
      Build Trust

      Anybody can write an article. Only video can show your brands personality and tell your story.Create a video that target market can relate to.

    • video-optmization


      Video get shared on social media platforms more than blog posts, articles, etc.That mean you can reach a larger audience even easier.

    • search-reasults

      Search Results

      Video appear in search results too. Like websites. They can be optimized to improve their rankings.

    • mobile-video-optimization

      Increases in Smartphone and tablet adoption combined with faster mobile broadband speeds mean the market is ready for video on-the-go. Over recent years, we have seen major changes in both online video and in mobile usage.


From Scripting to Storyboarding to Animation and to Voice-Overs – Smartify is your one-stop shop for video production needs for your website.

Incorporating video marketing clips in your website lets you communicate with your essential target markets in a vibrant, engaging way, easily facilitating more targeted visitors. In fact, with using the right keywords or search terms, videos can easily reach high rankings on various search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo. Our video marketing online services to increase online sales for your website include the following

  • We post videos to your company website.
  • We post videos to various social media networking websites.
  • We do email marketing with videos included.
  • Online video presentations of your products & services.
  • We make help videos (illustrative videos showing step-by-step guide on products & services, etc.).
  • We make case study videos to emphasize & strengthen your brand.
  • We make video presentation about your staff/employees.
  • We can craft short, animated flash video clips for iPhones, websites, and other entertainment channels/media.
  • We convert the video presentations to swift downloads – appropriate for YouTube or any other website.
  • We analyze, test & plan for efficient video marketing online to ensure high usability.
  • We make sure that your online video turn out the desired output/result in terms of value addition with regard to various online marketing approaches.

As part of our video marketing online services, we make sure that your video is seen by the right people in the right places. If you want your videos to get more visible,

with us today at Smartify. or You can email us at: