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You want to get your website in front of as many people as possible.

The more eye-balls that you generate to your site, the more benefits you will reap. Our SEO services gives you long-lasting results!

Smartify provides SEO services with long-lasting results. Our expert team will work to achieve online visibility, better rankings, traffic and sales with a customized SEO strategy to give you results in the long run for your business.

We use SEO techniques which are highly effective across all search engines with excellent user experiences and valuable content. Our experience technical knowledge and creativity will ensure a higher SERP ranking for your website.

Website Audit

We start with initial consultation of the website based on the theme and the industry, geographical location and demographics of the targeted audience and visitors on the website. We test and analyze pages against our website audit checklist to see how well optimized each page is, based on industry best practices and Google/Bing Webmaster Guidelines. We identify issues and detail the solutions to fix them.

Web audit

Keyword Research

Key word research

Identifying the relevant keywords for your business is vital for its online success. We track best performing keywords for your business based on extensive research. We also track what keywords your competitors are targeting and analyze and come up with the best strategy for you to extend your reach and visibility of your industry to your targeted audience and potential clients.

Onsite Optimization

On page SEO is the key aspect in keeping your website search engine friendly. We cover all angles that increase on-page SEO from both human and search engine robots perspective; having unique, relevant and engaging content. The high value links, proper site navigation, load times, meta tags are some of the key points we look at, and also making sure there are no canonical issues, broken links. We check and correct all technical aspects that could go wrong and effect results such as code optimization, redirects and screen and browser compatibility of the pages.


Link Building

link building

Link building is the decisive part of getting your site to show up on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. A network of relevant and valuable links for your site shows the search engines that your site is trustable and good enough to stand first in the page. Having established links are like votes and we help you to get the majority of them.

Local SEO

Most Search is getting local. If you’re a small SMB in Texas catering to your local market do you really need an audience in NY? Many companies rather rank higher in local search than national. We believe this is a great strategy of going after many fish in a smaller pond, then going after many fish in an ocean. Most people are looking to do business closer to home. Get more bang with your advertising dollars by focusing locally! Our team of SEO experts will work diligently to provide your local business with a first page presence on the web. You will receive new traffic and clients for your online company through our guaranteed strategic online marketing plan.




Take advantage of our FREE SEO report in which we review and provide a number of key insights into your website structure and overall condition. We will then present this report to you in order for you to better understand the capability of your online website to rank well in the major search engines.

We are always there to assist you in making your business to touch the pinnacle of success.

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