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PPC when done right delivers great results at a much faster speed then organic search results! PPC when done smartly, will greatly influence search results and rankings. However if not done correctly, it could prove very costly. Let us devise the perfect PPC campaign that will bring great results while saving you dollars!.

Smartify offers flexible packages that comprise daily, weekly and monthly options and are tailor-made for each client requirement we meet. In short, we can give your PPC advertising campaign the jump start it needs.


Everyone wants to rank higher without paying the search engines. We absolutely love to do this for our clients. In some cases however, to get brand awareness, launch a site or product, and get instant traffic. Spending money on a PPC campaign is a great idea! PPC campaign can be highly targeted with the results measurable and monitored. PPC advertising is one of the smart ways for firms looking to quickly receive targeted, measurable website traffic.

SEO Marketing could take up to 6 months to see some movement within your link building activities. Takes more time and effort to set up and requires constant monitoring. Besides being more time consuming that its counterpart PPC.

Organic Marketing



PPC Marketing


Both organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing are employed to improve the quality and sizable number of website traffic from different search engines.


“We help you structure campaigns correctly. Our experts review your PPC accounts and get better Return on Investment.”

Our PPC experts will ensure that your money goes further by reducing your cost per acquisition, eliminating wasted clicks and creating strategic keyword campaigns. Your sales will soar; your website will do what you knew it could do: greater online sales. Now is time to unleash the benefits of a PPC services you can truly avail from the point of view of soaring website sales.

Ad networks we work on:

Google AdWords

Yahoo Search Marketing

Microsoft adCenter

Facebook Advertising

Twitter Advertising

LinkedIn Campaigns


Pay-per-click marketing will multiply the number of qualified site visitors/guests to your website. These potential advantages occur from a skillful execution & well-managed PPC strategy. Using the services of a productive, creative and knowledgeable PPC specialist is vital to deliver great results. You get instant results from cost-per-click on your website; you pay only for performance, and total control of your PPC ad campaign & costs

    • Instant Traffic

    • 2/3(63.6%) of clicks for high commercial intent keywords go to paid ads

    • Easy to target specific audience

    • 45.5% of people couldn’t identify paid ads on the search results page

    • Paid ads for high commercial intent keywords takes up 85.2% above- the fold pixels

    • Pay only for performance

    • Easy to measure results

    • Total control over campaign

We help you structure Pay-Per-Click Advertising Services correctly. Our experts review your PPC accounts and get better rankings for the right keywords.

Our creative and well managed PPC solutions lead to higher revenue, an increased ROI (Return on Investment) and profit generation. You only pay for results by utilizing PPC services, making it an efficient and cost-effective way to drive traffic to your website.

We are always there to assist you in making your business to touch the pinnacle of success.

with us today at anytime 24/7, we are waiting to amaze you and help you rank higher. or You can email us at: