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Wanna have your website, a dedicated place to reside permanently without exasperation?

Smartify gains it for you by allocating secure shelter for your website.

Importance of Web Hosting

Website is like starting a store and have customers vision. Space for is required, either rented or leased, to carry operations and display products, so that customers can access to them. Web Hosting is nothing but rented or leased space for your website to have a place to reside and reach the web users.

What We Do?

Selecting best host for website is inevitably important to engage with existing clients and reach prospective customers. Smartify offers you excellent web hosting services that makes your site a high performance one. We have a reliable and dedicated server which is completely managed and controlled by us. Based on your requirements, we offer hosting services as we have server with hosting capacity more than required by our in-house processes. We, at Smartify, provide you trustworthy technical support.

Why Choose us?

    • uptime

      99.9% uptime as to have no negative effect on your SEO rankings.
    • Secured

      Extremely secured service and make sure your website is free from malware attacks
    • space

      Substantial Space
    • s-24

      24×7 Technical support
    • c-pannel

      User Friendly C-Panel
    • Afford

      Highly Affordable
Our Hosting Services
  • Shared Linux Hosting: Feature Packed Linux Hosting with cPanel, PHP, Perl & more.
  • Windows Shared Hosting: Along the way with 24/7 access. View designs, send files and leave feedback. Our customised design and development provides higher conversion rates.
  • WordPress Hosting: Hosting optimised for WordPress websites.
  • Linux Reseller Hosting: Create Unique cPanel account for your users.
  • Windows Reseller Hosting: Create Unique Plesk account for your users.

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